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    Current Status: Accepting Applications

    Cestus Dei is a guild of legacy and stability. We know what to do and how to do it and have traditionally always been a top ranked raiding guild in every game we've played in. I would encourage all potential applicants to read the stickied threads in this forum on information and culture of Cestus Dei to gain a better understanding of our organization.

    The one true thing that matters with all CD applicants is that you fit in with our culture. We do not typically recruit based solely on class or experience, though experience is always greatly beneficial and at certain times some classes are more in demand than others.

    If you are inexperienced, we will teach you. If you are under-geared we will gear you. If you aren't flagged, we will flag you. If you have questions, we will answer them (in fact we encourage it!). All we ask in return is for your dedication, ability to be a team player and progress.

    Do not apply if:
    You have a propensity for drama. You become upset if you are not the first person to have x piece of gear. You cannot play well with others, or are unwilling to sit out of raids if necessary, if you cause problems in the general community, or cannot learn to not "stand in fire."

    Our current raid days in Rift are concurrent with schedules in other games, and thus falls on the following days: 20 mans on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday from 7pm US eastern standard time until we reach a suitable stopping point, whenever that may be. 10 mans typically fall in on Wednesdays at the same time.

    You may submit this application to Nend via private message for an official application and feel free to contact Apostate, Nend, Atreia, Latharek or Kavden in game to answer any questions.

    1. What is your in game character, level and class?
    2. What are your available play times?
    3. Which games do you have experience in playing, in what roles and to what extent?
    4. How long have you been playing MMOs?
    5. An aura effect appears on the ground or near your character during an encounter. What do you do?
    6. What was your favorite encounter in any game you've played? Why?
    7. What were your previous guilds, if any?
    8. Why do you play the class that you do?
    9. An argument flairs up in general chat between a group of people at night. They're vehemently debating about who is better than the other and what encounter is the most difficult. The conversation quickly dissolves into flames. What do you do?
    10. What is your favorite Rift encounter and why?
    11. What do you like most about the game?

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