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    In many ways, Cestus Dei is defined more by its unique culture than by any other quantifiable metric. As an organization it has thrived as a raiding instituion for over 12 years because of the people that uphold the guild's standards.

    CD members have by and large been around in online gaming since it's inception and have consequently seen it all and done it all and continue to aspire to excellence. It is as a result of this stability that we have a low tolerance for drama and have no pressing need to take on anyone who fits the high maintenance bill.

    We've seen hundreds, probably thousands, of people over the course of 12 years raid with us, join with us and it's one thing we can say absolutely: we don't need or want people who aren't dedicated to our ideals. We mean it with all due humility and grace when we say that there isn't anything we haven't seen or done in these games. We've been the best in the world, top of the server, <insert random online game achievement here>, and we do it in the CD style: being aristocratic and classy.

    We are not the kind of organization that takes part in actions that make the whole look bad: such as flame wars on forums, participation in general chat channels and outward braggarts. We build ourselves around being classy while maintaining due humility and focus on the group rather than the individual. It isn't about one person having the best gear or being the focus of attention: it's about what the whole can do and achieve.

    Things such as age, race, sex, sexual preference, political views, et cetera do not matter at all. We don't care if you're a flying spaghetti monster or a gnome, if you fit in with us, then you have a home here. Consequently, if you have problems with any group of people based on any of these factors alone you are not welcome in Cestus Dei and we are not the guild for you.

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