Death of Overlord Mata Muram: the End of Omens of War

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    Originally posted by Apostate: 24 March 2005

    And to think when we first got to Anguish I was worried that the Omens of War expansion was going to be too easy, and be over quickly.



    If the goal of a raid encounter is to force perfect cohesion and teamwork among the raiders, then it’s going to be hard for any raid encounter in any game to top Mata Muram. I think the word ‘unforgiving’ sums it up best. The encounter goes like this:

    On the surface, he’s a pretty standard boss. He does damage that’s more or less appropriate for a target at his stage of the game, and has two large instant-respawn minibosses with similar damage that must be controlled. Smaller adds spawn periodically that multiply themselves the longer they stay alive. Not all that bad on the face of it. His trick comes in the form of probably the most punishing mechanic that’s ever been tried in this game: periodically, a single person on the raid gets an emote that only they can see. They have a few seconds to react to it and cast a spell just for the encounter- if they succeed, he’s somewhat weakened. If they fail, he powers up the point where it might not guarantee a raid wipe, but in the few seconds that it even takes for everyone to realize someone has screwed up, probably everyone near him is dead. Eventually, mudflation will take the sting out of screwing up, but I don’t think it’ll be any expansion soon; I still expect 2 or 3 expansions later for full raids to wipe with characters several times as powerful due to a single screw up.

    So, don’t screw up, right? Well, Mata Muram is a boss about pure disruption and chaos. He silences, knock-backs, stuns, fizzle-curses, slows cast time, mana drains, snares, and that’s just getting started. What happens if the main tank gets hit by his emote, and as a warrior they have no channeling to cast the spell required by the emote? What if the person is silenced? What if they are stunned? All of that is normal on the encounter. Think back to all the raid encounters you’ve done, ones that were pretty easy, but then something went horribly wrong and you barely won. Maybe the main tank link died. Maybe someone you were counting on missed their job. That’s what the encounter constantly duplicates. It is pure chaos, and forcing every person on the raid to constantly react to anyone else unable to perform, while frantically trying to keep up with their own jobs. All the while, he has little scripted tricks he keeps playing, designed to disorient, disrupt, and destroy the raid. To really describe it, this update would be several times as long, and I doubt even then I could do it justice. I love the fight, I don’t think I’ve ever been pushed so hard while playing and still had a good time.

    A lot of players would think we’re masochistic for putting so much effort into an encounter like that. Some other hardcore players would even wonder why we bothered, when we guessed the drops probably weren’t going to be very significant upgrades over the rest of anguish that took us a third of the time to beat, or killing a boss that most other players will confuse with the name of the boss of the previous expansion. The truth is, I truly didn’t care what he would drop, or who was going to hear about it. The reward for me isn’t in those ‘rewards,' it’s actually in learning the encounter, and pushing a guild of your friends to its limits again and again, and tuning little by little until things finally click. Mata offered that, and will still offer that for some time:I kind of doubt anyone will be calling him a farm mob for a long, long time.
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    Trial of Hatred Spoiling! Originally posted by Apostate, 06 February 2005

    So while reading another whine thread about guilds getting destroyed by various hard raids, I had an epiphany. It's more than likely the cold medicine for this flu I have, but I have slowly become convinced that the old, 'leet sekrits' style of play is just outdated. Most of the raids now are even more about performance when you have a solid game plan, and frankly, I feel bad for good raiders that should beat events if only their leadership wasn't on a horrible strategic tack. So hell with it, I'll lend a patronizingly helping hand.

    To spoil the Trial of Hatred:
    The fact people have trouble with this is pretty sad. We farm this every single time, and it just isn't a hard trial if you understand how to approach it. Mostly, I see comments about, "Our bards and clerics keep dying". This tells me the raid is flat out set up the wrong way, and no one even understands how the trial is meant to be done. It's called the trial of HATRED. Hatred, as in aggro? GET IT? This trial is trivial if you just keep aggro on plate tanks at all times. That's kind of why lash out hits anyone but plate tanks.

    First of all, don't sit your raid off to the side. That was fine when the adds had small aggro radiuses, but isn't now when they add people to hatelists at random. That will wipe you pretty spectacularly, since adds are coming in totally uncontrolled, find they aren't on a plate tank and what do you know, lash out lash out lash out raid wipe. Totally stupid, do not do that. For the same reason, 'pulling' them would be a bad idea anyway, since even with a plate tank with ae aggro (SK with dreadgaze) they'll peel off probably from sheer healing he'll need more often than not. Just bad all around.

    Secondly, why aren't you keeping aggro on the moms on who you want the dogs to actually attack? You don't need to do much, just set up your raid this way:

    A couple plate tanks, preferrably SKs (more on that later), at the base of each mother platform. Not actually in mother melee box, it's unnecessary. Then, as you trigger the trial, each one casts a stun or terror or incite or whatever on the mother. And what do you know, as the dogs spawn, they assist the mother and actually hit your plate tank, rather than annihilating your clerics and wiping your raid.

    Next, position your healers intelligently. Clerics right by Master is a good option. That puts them in heal range of everyone, a centralized place to see loose ferans, and outside of immediate proximity aggro on spawns. Most importantly, your clerics can't be stupid. This trial is all about aggro on dogs. Spamming holy lights at the start is a really bad way to accomplish that. Elixir at start, plus runes, plus DI, plus divine arb as first heal, plus epic divine arb is a pretty safe way to avoid any aggro whatsoever. Can still heal primarily with holy elixir for a while, but really once the dogs are slowed their dps is pretty trivial.

    Similarly, tanks need to actually play along and help. Warriors should defensive for minimal heal aggro and possibly even burn fort at the very start. Paladins can spam heal themselves to establish high aggro on every dog that adds on them. And SKs, most importantly, have dread gaze. If you can't figure out why this would be important in a trial where you need to lock down multiple mobs immediately as they spawn, just let someone else lead raids.

    Debuffers. This isn't like other trials. A bard with AE song on is a fool, they'll be down and screw the raid from badly positioned direpups. In fact any songs on spawn is just bad, there's absolutely no reason for it, and frankly bards are probably best served playing group only songs with pure dps groups that have no healing whatsoever. 5 wizards should never get aggro from loose direpups if they stay in the center. The mothers don't summon. Bard can cheerfully dps boost the wizards and single debuff the first mother until room is locked down withotu ever getting on the hatelist of a single feran. Shamans and enchanters are similar. They simply cannot cast on any feran until aggro is solid on them. If they don't, they die, and probably wipe the raid. Malos all sure, since it is low aggro, but not tash or slow. The first 30 seconds of the raid are the absolute most important, since it's when your plate tanks must establish aggro on all the spawning direpups. Slow/debuff every one they get under control, and then the room is locked down, and your healers should be able to keep them up pretty easy. I had a sub-qvic geared tank handle 3+ pups with paired healers with no problem, I'm pretty sure most of you guys at txevu/mpg level will be fine with appropriate healing. The more debuffers the merrier though, since this is basically an offtank centered trial, and I'd clearly assign them to each platform/tank and split up debuffing duties. Any particular tank getting multiple unslowed mobs risks dying, and a tank dying will wipe the raid.

    Dps classes. First of all, there's no reason for them to need healing during this trial at all, unless you choose to tank mothers (they don't summon, so nukers can just outaggro melee to 'tank them' without taking damage anyways). You can concentrate all your healing in groups with tanks, to better make use of low aggro heals like divine arb. You can just form 5 rog/bard and 5 wizard/bard groups and be totally fine, if they just stay in the center and away from initial proximity aggro while your tanks lock down the room. 10-15 seconds into the fight, most of the direpups are spawning, and you can start nuking mothers. Another minute, all are spawned and should be locked, and can cheerfully bust discs and just kill each other in a totally locked down room.

    Enchanters- it's really up to you whether to charm pliants or not. But frankly, feebles/pliants were effected by the resist change to all MPG trials, and should mostly be locked down first cast. I personally don't like charming pliants, since I see it as risky to have a potentially lose mob at random, but other guilds might like their dps. Really, it depends on how awake and careful your enchanters are too. I'd err on the side of them never getting aggro ever and just tank pliants, since if multiple feebles come up you're toast. Along with the idea of 'making uncontrolled direpups is bad', killing the direpups seems an exceptional stupid way to approach the trial, and I'd avoid it. I forbid damage shields/killing direpups from my tanks.

    To summarize: the entire fight for this trial is at start. You can't be too prepared. Your tanks need initial aggro on the mothers so the spawning direpups rush them. They need to use low aggro healing abilities to keep them up, and as many defensive abilities as possible to build enough aggro to slow all the direpups/mez feebles/etc.

    Then, master of hatred. Single page, and his damage grows as he stays aggro on one person. As last mother is dying, move your healer force from the center, have a tank up there to take page, then just bounce aggro on him so he doesn't power up or ignore it and kil him through it. Even with him powering up enough to one round tanks it isn't too big a deal, since he swings slow enough. Fairly easy mob.

    And that's pretty much it. The trial USED to add more (MUCH more) direpups based on how many platetanks you had. So much that I refused to try with more than 6. But that seems to have been removed, so frankly there's no reason to not stack as many as you want, and have melee that can handle direpups fine. I pretty much find DPS nice, but not all that important for the trial, since as long as you lock down the pups you can go indefinitely.

    Happy hunting, and if we can beat the trial with offtanking when dogs hit way harder, far more spawned, AND they didn't despawn when you triggered that master so I had to mass coordinate killing them all when he did, I'm pretty fucking sure guilds can beat it in its current low resist incarnation. Stop whining already, christ.

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