Death of Tunat'Muram: End of Gates of Discord

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    Originally Posted by Apostate, January 15, 2005:

    And that's that for Gates of Discord.

    I love the Tunat fight. A lot of other guild leaders talk to me about the fight with the same kind of enthusiasm they'd reserve for a root canal, but I think they are being way too pessimistic about the fight. It is a bit too hard in my opinion, but it's a lot of fun once you start getting into it, and can handle the trigger at least pretty well.

    Was it worth it? Well...

    Links for the lazy:Thess' Leather Legs, Lexish's Plate Legs, Aug that is pretty much identical to Uqua, Yeraie's breastplate

    I ninja'd the ruby.:\

    From a strict loot, risk versus reward type perspective, no, it's pretty far from being worth it. I enjoy the script enough where I can see myself doing it a lot, but those placeholder ruby and star ruby type drops should really be a guaranteed BiC/Tongue quest piece every time for players to see this as a solid loot event. Even if they -were- that, there's still going to be more 2.0 epics done on a server than maxed out BiC quest pieces or whatever the tongue gives, which seems a little backwards.

    Drop quality wise, his items are a notch below easier fights. Most guilds have enough trouble with Hatred where I can really only speak for my own guild in so much that I think Hatred is easier, if not by a huge amount. But for breastplates, you are comparing Riftseekers royalty to Tunat, and that comparison is a lot like trying to compare sol ro minis to Rallos Zek in tactics. Personally, I like super hard bosses for end zones of expansions, since it gives me something to work towards, but the drops probably shouldn't just be rarer/harder to upgrade slots in that case. Also, what's with rubies and star rubies? It kind of breaks immersion to check the corpse for the unbeaten final boss of a crushingly hard expansion and see a drop from frogloks in sebilis. I mean, after guilds spent millions of platinum on qvic mold armor, I don't think some Shiny 10k Value Gem of Newbie Impressing would exactly break the economy.

    Anyway, Tunat had a parting comment-

    Which isn't that far off the mark, considering we've been trying this guy a good bit:

    I don't think Mata really needs the warning, or is all that concerned just yet. We'll definitely be trying to change his mind shortly, though.

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