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    It is difficult to summarize in a short and concise way the history, pride and level of achievement of CD over it's 12 year history. Many have come and gone through the ages into the fold, but one thing has remained consistent: the dedication of a core group of individuals to excellence and achievement in everything we do.

    There are few guilds that can claim a longer history than Cestus Dei. It was founded officially upon the release of EverQuest in 1999 on the Veeshan server, and has early origins that can be traced to MUDs that predated MMORPG's as a standard. Since the official launching of EverQuest in 1999, Cestus Dei has existed as a raiding guild and has always been in the top tiers of progression since.

    The culmination in EverQuest for Cestus Dei came in 2004-2006, when the guild was officially the top progressed guild in the game, conquering the Gates of Discord, Omens of War and Dragons of Norrath expansions first world wide, including the first kill of Overlord Mata Muram, arguably the hardest encounter relative to it's time in any MMO.

    The EverQuest guild came to an official close at the end of August 2011, when it merged with another guild to form Cestus Dei Aetherius.

    However, a contingent of CD continued to play in EverQuest II on the Antonia Bayle server, maintaining the fine tradition of top ranks in that game, while today much of the 2003-2007 core of Cestus Dei plays in Rift on the Shadefallen server.

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