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    This information is taken from a previous history project from the EQ guild and has been ported over here for preservation purposes:

    Originally drafted by Dayuna February 02, 2006:
    Format: Name, alternate names (if applicable), Class, Expansion Joined, Expansion Left / Retired

    Abac, Reikage, Bard, Planes, Omens, Retired,
    Bhaene, , Bard, Planes, Current, Inactive,
    Canorous, , Bard, Gates, Dragons, Inactive,
    Bryian, , Bard, Planes, Planes, De-guilded,
    Darson, , Bard, Original, Luclin, Retired, Founder
    Loramar, , Bard, , Velious, Retired,
    Occlusion, , Bard, Lost Dungeons, Gates, Retired,
    Rayzelle, , Bard, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Sylfia, , Bard, Omens, Current, Active,
    Tosix, Gediminas, Bard, Luclin, Depths, Inactive,
    Tyndylla, , Bard, Depths, Current, Active,
    Vikular, , Bard, Dragons, Current, Inactive,
    Wedget, , Bard, Gates, Omens, Retired,
    Weiver, , Bard, Lost Dungeons, Current, Active,

    Gutterr, , Beastlord, Kunark, Planes, Retired,
    Hetath, Neroon, Beastlord, Velious, Current, Inactive,
    Jebuz, , Beastlord, Lost Dungeons, Lost Dungeons, Retired,
    Kiaura, Karryth, Beastlord, Luclin, Dragons, Inactive,
    Kilantiz, , Beastlord, Planes, Planes, De-guilded,
    Kizh, , Beastlord, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Oscurro, Galamar, Beastlord, Kunark, Lost Dungeons, Retired,
    Sothius, , Beastlord, Lost Dungeons, Lost Dungeons, Retired,

    Drizerker, Driszid, Berserker, Gates, Current, Active,
    Sagnus, , Berserker, Dragons, Depths, Inactive,
    Yvan, Tabytha, Berserker, Gates, Gates, In Loving Memory,

    Aallaan, , Cleric, Planes, Current, Active,
    Aenoch, , Cleric, Velious, Luclin, Retired,
    Amikitia, , Cleric, Prophecy, Current, Active,
    Angelhope, , Cleric, Kunark, Velious, Retired,
    Apostate, , Cleric, Original, Current, Active, Leader, Founder
    Aprell, , Cleric, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Areanna, , Cleric, Omens, Current, Active,
    Barrymore, , Cleric, , , Retired,
    Branndine, , Cleric, Velious, Gates, Retired,
    Cathie, , Cleric, Gates, Omens, Retired,
    Causal, , Cleric, Velious, Luclin, Retired,
    Dandilla, , Cleric, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Dencron, , Cleric, Gates, Dragons, Retired,
    Devrin, , Cleric, Gates, Current, Active,
    Drisanna, , Cleric, Velious, Omens, Retired,
    Dula, , Cleric, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Edaj, , Cleric, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Etasi, Scelera, Cleric, Velious, Dragons, Inactive, Officer
    Galin, , Cleric, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Garvok, , Cleric, , Velious, Retired,
    Gemily, , Cleric, Luclin, Omens, Retired,
    Haissa, , Cleric, Prophecy, Current, Active,
    Jasminda, , Cleric, Depths, Current, Active,
    Jordayne, , Cleric, Kunark, Velious, Retired,
    Kaahlan, , Cleric, Velious, Planes, Retired, Officer
    Kalohela, , Cleric, Gates, Current, Inactive,
    Kavden, , Cleric, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Kindolina, , Cleric, Planes, Current, Inactive,
    Laorne, , Cleric, Omens, Current, Active,
    Lexish, , Cleric, Gates, Depths, Inactive,
    Mali, , Cleric, , , Retired,
    Ravenrose, , Cleric, Planes, Current, Inactive,
    Reenee, , Cleric, Depths, Current, Active,
    Shadowadaire, , Cleric, Omens, Omens, Retired,
    Sheryl, Sunserae, Cleric, Luclin, Luclin, Retired,
    Souldinkou, , Cleric, Kunark, Velious, Retired,
    Brutus, Bacstab, Paladin, Planes, Current, Active,
    Brutus, Bacstab, Paladin, Planes, Current, Active,
    Sympatronique, , Cleric, Omens, Omens, Retired,
    Temeriti, , Cleric, Omens, Prophecy, Retired,
    Tuffin, , Cleric, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Uztaryn, , Cleric, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Vizcaya, , Cleric, Planes, Current, Active,
    Withefel, , Cleric, Depths, Prophecy, Retired,
    Xaryssa, , Cleric, Planes, Gates, Retired,

    Arrysi, , Druid, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Azhe, , Druid, Depths, Current, Active,
    Boogahz, , Druid, Velious, Dragons, Retired,
    Dayuna, , Druid, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Elspeth, , Druid, Planes, Current, Active,
    Fentanyl, , Druid, Depths, Current, Active,
    Folene, , Druid, Velious, Luclin, Retired,
    Grass, , Druid, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Hayley, , Druid, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Khronicz, , Druid, Omens, Depths, Retired,
    Kiyanne, , Druid, Depths, Current, Active,
    Lankin, , Druid, , , Retired,
    Lleldorin, , Druid, Original, Velious, Retired, Founder
    Molliey, , Druid, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Nilwean, , Druid, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Optikal, , Druid, Gates, Depths, Inactive,
    Senani, , Druid, Planes, Current, Active,
    Stelck, , Druid, Velious, Luclin, Retired,
    Teenspirit, , Druid, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Toalin, , Druid, Luclin, Omens, Retired,
    Yeraie, , Druid, Gates, Current, Active,

    Autum, , Enchanter, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Belanar, , Enchanter, Planes, Omens, Retired,
    Bhender, , Enchanter, Luclin, Omens, Retired,
    Brombus, , Enchanter, Planes, Omens, Inactive,
    Burien, Bellevue, Enchanter, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Dethryn, , Enchanter, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Echols, Morrow, Enchanter, Kunark, Luclin, Retired,
    Entcom, , Enchanter, Omens, Current, Inactive,
    Haplopat, , Enchanter, Omens, Current, Active,
    Iliyena, , Enchanter, Prophecy, Current, Active,
    Latharek, , Enchanter, Luclin, Lost Dungeons, Retired,
    Maellaria, , Enchanter, Omens, Current, Active,
    Rosethorn, , Enchanter, Kunark, Planes, Retired,
    Shoto, , Enchanter, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Ssasy, , Enchanter, Depths, Depths, Retired,
    Syenye, , Enchanter, Gates, Depths, Retired,
    Talaru, , Enchanter, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Tehom, , Enchanter, Original, Dragons, Retired, Leader, Founder
    Wyora, , Enchanter, Prophecy, Current, Active,

    Bronwynn, , Magician, Luclin, Luclin, In Loving Memory,
    Evolone, , Magician, Omens, Current, Active,
    Ianim, , Magician, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Jaytee, , Magician, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Kirium, , Magician, Luclin, Current, Active,
    Nagetti, , Magician, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Rizzamoor, , Magician, Planes, Current, Inactive,
    Sanile, , Magician, , , Retired,
    Seawead, , Magician, Depths, Current, Active,
    Shabranigdo, , Magician, Original, Velious, Retired, Founder

    Aslanna, , Monk, Omens, Current, Active,
    Atrayu, , Monk, Kunark, Velious, Retired,
    Bangador, , Monk, Dragons, Depths, Inactive,
    Banorn, , Monk, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Brutice, , Monk, Omens, Depths, Retired,
    Chmee, , Monk, Luclin, Omens, Retired,
    Codar, , Monk, Velious, Planes, De-guilded,
    Cynicism, , Monk, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Daisunglee, , Monk, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Gung, , Monk, Gates, Depths, Inactive,
    Karnalist, Veldriuss, Monk, Original, Planes, Retired, Founder
    Omjykhe, , Monk, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Popola, , Monk, Depths, Current, Active,
    Redklaw, , Monk, Depths, Current, Inactive,
    Seithyr, , Monk, Luclin, Luclin, Retired,
    Shenso, , Monk, Depths, Current, Active,
    Thess, , Monk, Planes, Omens, Inactive, Officer
    Theznir, , Monk, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Torkya, , Monk, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Trinak, , Monk, Kunark, Planes, Retired,
    Xeveron, , Monk, Luclin, Planes, Retired,

    Ankirginor, , Necromancer, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Darnalak, , Necromancer, Kunark, Planes, Retired,
    Farr, , Necromancer, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Jugatta, Jugata, Necromancer, Planes, Current, Active,
    Karae, , Necromancer, Planes, Omens, De-guilded,
    Necrisha, Zeilya, Necromancer, Original, Dragons, Retired, Founder
    Neuin, , Necromancer, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Soulcollector, , Necromancer, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Uael, , Necromancer, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Vaemas, , Necromancer, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Xelgadis, , Necromancer, Omens, Current, Active,

    Adrahil, , Paladin, Omens, Depths, De-guilded,
    Arilain, , Paladin, Planes, Omens, Inactive,
    Cownt, , Paladin, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Crinus, , Paladin, Velious, Current, Active,
    Cthulluu, , Paladin, Depths, Current, Inactive,
    Dranic, , Paladin, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Dritanis, , Paladin, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Drolgin, , Paladin, Luclin, Omens, Retired,
    Fenanebae, , Paladin, Omens, Current, Inactive,
    Kahlani, , Paladin, Original, Kunark, Retired, Founder
    Karyel, , Paladin, Omens, Omens, Retired,
    Lerion, , Paladin, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Madren, , Paladin, Kunark, Dragons, Inactive, Officer
    Samoseus, , Paladin, Planes, Lost Dungeons, Retired,
    Shelda, , Paladin, Luclin, Dragons, Retired,
    Syndaen, , Paladin, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Valanya, , Paladin, Luclin, Depths, Inactive,
    Vedam, , Paladin, Depths, Current, Active,

    Abdel, , Ranger, , , Retired,
    Aedari, Xouqoa, Ranger, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Apollyon, , Ranger, Luclin, Gates, Retired,
    Aranuil, , Ranger, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Arborealus, , Ranger, Planes, Lost Dungeons, Retired,
    Artheon, , Ranger, Gates, Current, Active,
    Beorrn, , Ranger, Omens, Dragons, Inactive,
    Dynne, , Ranger, Depths, Prophecy, De-guilded,
    Fardo, , Ranger, Gates, Dragons, Inactive,
    Kaleic, , Ranger, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Nendiilya, , Ranger, Luclin, Current, Active,
    Niada, , Ranger, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Ninnia, , Ranger, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Quickkid, , Ranger, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Tari, , Ranger, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Tarmor, , Ranger, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Townsend, , Ranger, Orginal, Velious, Retired, Officer, Founder
    Tredog, , Ranger, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Tuldian, , Ranger, Velious, Dragons, Retired,
    Venti, , Ranger, Luclin, Planes, Retired,

    Aiyrra, , Rogue, Velious, Depths, Inactive,
    Ahzzy, , Rogue, Depths, Current, Active,
    Bagfra, , Rogue, Velious, Luclin, Retired,
    Elandarielle, , Rogue, Omens, Omens, Retired,
    Froogle, , Rogue, Planes, Current, Inactive,
    Kaerilai, , Rogue, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Kaluden, , Rogue, , , Retired,
    Korazair, , Rogue, Luclin, Gates, Retired,
    Luvinn, , Rogue, Omens, Dragons, Inactive,
    Rasspotari, , Rogue, Planes, Omens, Retired,
    Roohaha, , Rogue, Planes, Current, Active, Officer
    Shalysa, , Rogue, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Sinarra, , Rogue, , Omens, Retired,
    Taludor, , Rogue, Kunark, Luclin, Retired,
    Tebben, , Rogue, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Truant, , Rogue, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Veerlex, , Rogue, Kunark, Gates, Retired,
    Vergadain, , Rogue, Kunark, Luclin, Retired,
    Wendii, , Rogue, Luclin, Luclin, Retired,
    Woops, , Rogue, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Zelena, , Rogue, Planes, Current, Active,

    Asuko, Crystaelis, Shadowknight, Gates, Depths, Retired,
    Brillien, , Shadowknight, Prophecy, Current, Active,
    Dregor, , Shadowknight, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Daermonn, , Shadowknight, Omens, Depths, De-guilded,
    Exceed, , Shadowknight, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Kilandar, , Shadowknight, Velious, Gates, Retired,
    Nekko, , Shadowknight, Omens, Current, Active,
    Oranor, , Shadowknight, Planes, Dragons, Retired,
    Stasin, , Shadowknight, Original, Depths, Inactive,
    Vinuular, , Shadowknight, Luclin, Planes, Retired,

    Aruman, , Shaman, Planes, Current, Active,
    Bulivyf, , Shaman, Planes, Lost Dungeons, De-guilded,
    Bearan, , Shaman, Planes, Lost Dungeons, Retired,
    Cull, , Shaman, Omens, Current, Active,
    Grayeth, , Shaman, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Hogore, , Shaman, Kunark, Luclin, Retired,
    Jaradan, , Shaman, Depths, Current, Active,
    Maridien, , Shaman, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Mirra, , Shaman, Velious, Planes, Retired,
    Murtak, , Shaman, Luclin, Gates, Retired,
    Rianna, , Shaman, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Silie, , Shaman, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Tolth, , Shaman, Kunark, Planes, Retired,
    Xathorahk, , Shaman, Gates, Gates, Retired,
    Yhur, , Shaman, Depths, Current, Inactive,
    Zoggmak, , Shaman, Planes, Omens, Retired,

    Abenelli, , Warrior, Velious, Velious, Retired,
    Anvel, , Warrior, , , Retired,
    Avalanche, , Warrior, Luclin, Current, Active,
    Babab, , Warrior, Gates, Gates, Retired,
    Beolan, , Warrior, , , Retired,
    Boonk, Khumru, Warrior, Planes, Omens, Retired,
    Bravn, , Warrior, , , De-guilded,
    Ceck, Twigger, Warrior, Velious, Omens, Retired,
    Dezyre, , Warrior, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Eudas, , Warrior, Velious, Velious, De-guilded,
    Gster, , Warrior, Velious, Prophecy, Retired, Officer
    Heavymeat, , Warrior, Kunark, Planes, Retired,
    Hile, , Warrior, Original, Kunark, Retired,
    Judany, , Warrior, Depths, Current, Active,
    Kaelina, , Warrior, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Kithal, , Warrior, Velious, Gates, Retired,
    Kreslin, , Warrior, Depths, Current, Inactive,
    Kurzon, , Warrior, Velious, Gates, Retired,
    Maldaten, , Warrior, Planes, Current, Inactive,
    Menelaos, , Warrior, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Mordientier, , Warrior, Gates, Gates, Retired,
    Oukmok, , Warrior, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Paiin, , Warrior, Omens, Current, Active,
    Pheten, , Warrior, Luclin, Luclin, Retired,
    Pogi, , Warrior, Omens, Depths, Inactive,
    Sandaormo, , Warrior, Depths, Current, Active,
    Shrakk, , Warrior, Omens, Depths, Retired,
    Solitica, , Warrior, Original, Kunark, Retired, Founder
    Taelan, Naomn, Warrior, Gates, Omens, Retired,
    Teven, , Warrior, Kunark, Kunark, Retired,
    Trake, , Warrior, , Gates, Retired,
    Vailex, , Warrior, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Valiir, , Warrior, Velious, Luclin, Retired,
    Zaul, , Warrior, Velious, Planes, Retired,

    Altherimus, , Wizard, Kunark, Velious, De-guilded,
    Avestan, , Wizard, Kunark, Velious, Retired,
    Dalzuth, , Wizard, Original, Velious, Retired, Officer, Founder
    Fanadile, , Wizard, Luclin, Depths, Inactive,
    Feuerwehr, , Wizard, Original, Dragons, Inactive,
    Feydryn, , Wizard, Kunark, Luclin, Retired,
    Hormiga, , Wizard, Prophecy, Current, Active,
    Humfrey, , Wizard, , Luclin, Retired,
    Lelari, , Wizard, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Luxum, , Wizard, Luclin, Planes, Retired,
    Lynxe, , Wizard, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Malachai, , Wizard, Planes, Gates, Retired,
    Malius, , Wizard, Prophecy, Current, Active,
    Marcuz, , Wizard, Planes, Planes, Retired,
    Oncelot, , Wizard, Gates, Current, Inactive,
    Orkon, , Wizard, Omens, Current, Active,
    Saone, , Wizard, Gates, Depths, Inactive,
    Sectre, , Wizard, Planes, Current, Active,
    Sinari, , Wizard, Planes, Dragons, Inactive,
    Sonfyre, , Wizard, Luclin, Current, Active,
    Tsarinax, , Wizard, Dragons, Current, Active,
    Yueelyena, , Wizard, Planes, Gates, Retired,

    Currently Unsorted (but will be eventually!)
    Alize, , Cleric, , , De-guilded,
    Astazia, , Cleric, , Luclin, Retired,
    Baerran, , Rogue, , Planes, Retired,
    Celleste, , Cleric, , Planes, De-guilded,
    Pyromancerr, , Warrior, , Planes, Retired,
    Ramlaan, , Wizard, , Planes, Retired,
    Rastus, , Rogue, , , Retired,
    Brutus, Bacstab, Paladin, Planes, Current, Active

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